About sumit pal

Before sharing my journey, I would like to share one important lesson with you. In Life, Sometimes you take bad decisions but never let them consume you, rather step up with the Sun the next day and Move ahead.

Hi there,

My Name is Sumit Pal, I am 19 years old. I am not a successful, but I am on the way of success journey. I teach people about Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Blogging Tips.

I started my journey in April 2019 when I am less than 18. In March 2019 I gave my 12th board exam. After the board exam, there are 3-month holiday to come to a board exam result, then many of student think that why do not utilize this 3 month to learn new things, I am also think how to utilize this 3 month, then after that, I research that what is new things in the market then after a lot of research I find digital marketing field then I search best institutes in my city to learn this skill. 

After some time I find a good institute that institute fees are 25000 for a digital marketing course then I request my parents please deposit my fees so that I learn a new skill in free time then they allow me to join this coaching classes. Starting 1 month of coaching classes was good but after 1 month they tell me only theoretical knowledge, they don’t give me any practical knowledge, I don’t know lots of knowledge about digital marketing these time due to giving me a theoretical knowledge.

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After that, I make the decision to quit this fake institute without informing my parents. because if I tell my parents that they give me only theoretical knowledge not giving any practical knowledge then they asked me only 1 question why you join this institute? I have no answer of this question so that’s why I didn’t tell my parents.

After Quitting institute I was sitting in my room and I think that English is very necessary to grow in digital marketing field and get high paying job then I take decision to join English coaching classes. when I reached the English coaching centre then they tell me your course fees is 8000 then I arrange this money with my friends and deposit it and join the English class.

I went to english class only 15- 20 days because during this time my cousin brother gives me an opportunity to join a network marketing company and they give me the opportunity to attend a meeting in Ludhiana Punjab. At that time my father was at a bed because my father was an accident by bike. I take permission of my mother to allow me to go to that meeting.

My seminar date was 20th july 2019. At this day I was become 18 year old because at 20th July was my birthday. My friends say that sumit why are you going this boring seminar, enjoy your birthday and do party. I said that we celebrate birthday next time this is the important seminar for me. After that I go to railway station and take train which is going to Ludhiana, I sit on this train and next morning I reached Ludhiana then attend a meeting.

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You know these meeting is totally shifted my mindset from Job to business. This is the life changing seminar for my whole life.

After come from this meeting to my home I think this is the best opportunity for me to join this network marketing company and make more money with this. Then I take the decision to join this network marketing company at the end of July. then I started working in this company. my upline and my mentor taught me how to do all these things.

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In the starting month I do work well then in October month my friend and me sitting in my office and my friend said that how about when we start a new business of camera rental service. My that Company name is Dslr4u. I think, I manage all these 2 businesses and said yes and do network marketing business as a part-time. I and my friend have no money to invest in these business so that’s why i share my idea with my cousin and they invest money in this business and the business is started.

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After that everything was fine for some time,  but in the month of January 2020, I decided to learn all about digital marketing because my network marketing business was not going well, So I decided to learn digital marketing side by side from reading blogs, Articles, Online Paid Courses and from youtube videos.

At that time I was purchase so many online paid courses to learn this all things and attend seminars to enhance my skills. I was learning a lot of digital marketing topics like SEO, Affiliate marketing, Google Adsense,Facebook ads, Google ads, Social media marketing, funnel building and lot of things which can I learn from Online courses.

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After that in the month of March, there are all things in the world were STOP due to coronavirus. My Camera rental service business and my network marketing business was totally STOP. I was suffering too much loss for my businesses but at that time I never stop learning. In the month of April 2020, I took the decision to quit network marketing company and apply for resigning because I was not doing well in this field So I quit this. After that in the month of June, my camera rental service business also stops due to some partnership and finance issues.

This is another failure of my life.
when I was suffering from all these failures at that time I was never STOP my learning. And in the month of July I working on making my own digital products. so that I can sell it and earn huge money with this digital asset which I create.

And I am also make something special for you. I have written many free E-books and free Video Courses for you, and also give you free tips and tricks about Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing and Blogging through my Blog.

Hope you inspire with my story and take action Today not Tomorrow 

Become an action taker in life not an only thinking your dream